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by philaguy at Citysearch

Before I went to Jason I was experienced in the gym but needed some motivation. I had let my diet and exercise plan lapse and needed to lose weight. I am 53 and fighting age every step of the way.

Jason provides the motivation I need to make the gains I am looking for and meet my personal goals.

Highly recommend.

  • Pros: Very Knowledgable and Reasonably Priced



by JasonG1977 at Citysearch

I've been going to the gym for about 5 years. Over the last year, I realized I had plateued and decided to find someone to help me out. I found Jason and after my first session, I realized that I was just going through the motions. I've been in his class now for about 6 weeks and I've already seen so much improvement. I'm stronger and leaner and looking forward to improving even more over the coming weeks. Not only is he helping me now, but he's giving me the tools I will need to help me for the future.



by HeatherRosso at Citysearch

I have been training with Jason for a little over 8 weeks! The fat blast class is great! He really makes you work hard. I enjoyed the last eight weeks so much that i am starting another eight weeks!!!


Absolute Best Trainer!

by RachaelLyn at Citysearch

If you're willing to put in the time and energy, you will see amazing results with Jason. It's so easy to keep motivated because you see the results so quickly. He puts you on a comprehensive plan, including diet, strength training and cardio. It works because he is invested in your success.

I lost 25 pounds with him, but more impressively, I finally had defined arms, legs and abs. When you're done with him, you won't just look "skinny," you'll look fit. And that is really worth the investment!


Motivational trainer

by Tim3444 at Citysearch

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything this first week. I just got back from the gym and weighed myself. I’ve lost 9lbs from my weight last weekend and that’s only the beginning thanks to you. I’ve had other trainers over the years and in other parts of the country but not one has explained things the way you have and the encouragement that has kept me from the McDonald’s Drive-Thru at 3am.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,



Very informative

by jburton44 at Citysearch

I met with Jason for a few sessions to go over some of my goals. He was very easy to talk to and pretty much told me what i knew i had to do but didnt want to believe it. After my first session i really felt motivated and im ready for another week, well, months haha. Thanks Jason.

  • Pros: Easy to talk to and knowledgeable


Great knowledge and compasion

by Cmyerson44 at Citysearch

I trained with Jason a few years back and wanted every potential client to know that i thought he was a genuine person and was very helpful. Thanks Jason

  • Pros: Motivated and hard working


Stimulus Package

by CJ7699 at Citysearch

Now that Jason is at 3rd and bainbridge not only can i afford the gym, i can afford to work out 3 times a week with him, which is what i wanted to do in the past. When he was at PSC prices were literally $40 per session more then what he is charging now. Same knowledge for half the price its something i couldnt go wrong with. Plus membership for the gym is only $40 a month.

  • Pros: Affordable, smart, caring


Great trainer at a great price

by dsommers4343 at Citysearch

I have worked with jason in the past when he was at PSC. If you compare the master trainer prices there vs. where he is now you will see that for the same knowledge you save around $30 a session! Pricing aside Jason was very knowledgable and if you truly do what he suggests, you will achieve amazing goals. I needed a reason to go to the gym, someone to make me go and Jason was that person.

  • Pros: knowledgable, kind, great explaination of what to expect
  • Cons: I had to go exercise when i didnt want to, which in the long run was what i needed.


Motivating and Focussed Trainer

by chilshan at Citysearch

This is only the 2nd week with Jason as my personal trainer. I have a long way to go in terms of achieving my goals and at this point I can say that I am confident that Jason can motivate me enough to get closer to my goals (to loose weight followed by toning)

What I was looking for in a trainer is someone who does not merely take it as a job ('coz I can go to the gym and do cardio and do weights to an extent but in the long run I believe one needs to know the right technique) but provides a personalized service and works in interest of the client (well apart from that, the trainer had to be taller and bigger than me, since I'm really tall). I have had prior experience with a trainer and hence was little apprehensive, but am pleasantly surprised.

Jason is very focused, approachable, knowledgeable and ready to discuss the nuances of the program that I follow. He very patiently answers all my questions and makes sure that I learn the technique well.

Even thou its my 2nd week, I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who has apprehensions about a personal trainer. And am hoping to write a much informative (to the readers) review after a couple of months.

  • Pros: well informed, focussed and motivating trainer
  • Cons: none so far

Best Trainer in Town

by seizen18 at Citysearch

Jason is a great trainer, he is motivating, and really know his stuff. He expalins everything to you, how your form should be and why, and the best way to get the best results. He listens to you and really tailors the sessions to your needs. I highly reccomend Jason as a personal trainer!


Attractive and Smart!

by jenna32445 at Citysearch

When i first found Jason it was on google search. I went to his website and took a look at his pictures. I was a little reluctant to go to see him because i thought he was attractive and i didnt want that type of relationship with my trainer, i NEEDED TO LOSE WEIGHT. No fooling around this time. After meeting with him and chatting he really lets you feel comfortable about achieving your goals because of they way he talks. Not only does he know alot about exercise, diet and cardio but he can relate. Well for me needing to lose weight he could because of how he was when he was growing up. In the end i felt very comfortable with him and wasnt embarrased that a cute guy was going to see me in my "fat" clothes. Thanks Jason

  • Pros: The gym was medium sized but very personal.


Losing the pounds the healthy way

by simonhealey at Citysearch

About four years ago I decided that I had to change my lifestyle otherwise I was going to be in serious trouble given my health, weight, and "couch-potato" life. For about the first year I bounced around several different health clubs and trainers and didn't see that much change in either my health or weight. Then through a stroke of luck I was assigned to Jason, I think as a "booby prize?...

Almost three years later I've lost about 20 pounds of weight, my health is ten times better, I can now run a mile in about five minuses and the week is a waste unless I've exercised (cardio / strength) at least four times. I've gone from being a round Michelin Man to having lean strong muscles in places I thought I never see them ever. Friends and family notice the change in my weight and health. The change has not been without a lot of pain, whining, and learning to love cardio and that's were Jason has been such a master trainer, motivator, and teacher.

Unlike many trainers Jason has a knowledge of the physical structure of the body, a wealth of information about healthy living and nutrition and is a master motivator. He has designed several different programs for me during my time training with him that has taken into effect the physical changes that have happened as I have become fitter and healthier. We continue to discuss / argue / work on my nutrition as well as in the past year adding in his knowledge about massage to identify and solve several muscular issues I've had.

Looking back - I don't think I would be half as fit as I am at the moment if I hadn't met Jason and more importantly probably wouldn't have made any progress with my eating or exercise habits. Jason excels at incorporating all three aspects of healthy weight loss - weights / cardio / nutrition into his sessions. Jason has helped me to become fit and more importantly healthy.

Simon in Old City


more than one talent

by skyler2008 at Citysearch

I went for personal training and got help with an injured wrist. My wrist was hurt, i had told Jason it was bothering me and he gave me this great hand/wrist massage. i was surprised, my wrist felt really great. I had more movement and less pain. Not exactly something I had excpected, talk about the jack of all trades. I go to him for training which he is great for! I leave having that, a message, and great time. Hes a friendly guy with alot of talent. I would reccomend him to everyone, you need the help hes capable of giving it, and some. Thanks Sky

  • Pros: Got a message to top it off


Not just a great workout......

by wldangel548 at Citysearch

I was surprised by how much of a difference he made. Not only did I get great results but I left feeling great too. His personality was the best. Not everyone is exactly excited to work out. I have my days, but some way, some how Jason was always so happy, energetic, and positive, and with this I was too. He is great. One session and I guaratee you will be pleased!!!!

  • Pros: All attention was fully on me, no waiting, and no go threws worked directly with the trainer.


Excellent trainer

by APPalmer at Citysearch

Jason is great combination of motivating and friendly. I was a beginner and he was very patient and thorough. He is also is very knowlegeable about the body, training and massage. I would highly recommend him.


Motivating, flexible, and fun trainer

by cbwphilly at Citysearch

Jason is a great trainer. I have worked with him on and off for the past 4 years with different goals at various times and he has risen to the occasion to work with me at each of those times. Initially he trained me in a way that helped me burn a lot of fat and decrease my bodyfat % dramatically. After that, we trained to maintain my results. I turned to him once again when I was getting married, and then again when I was pregnant and trying to stay in good shape for my health and the health of my baby. He is very knowledgeable and adaptable to different goals and circumstances. He's flexible with his schedule and always has a new tip or piece of knowledge to share. He pushes me to work very hard, but he knows my limits and how to best motivate me to keep going. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to improve their health - you will see results, you'll learn a lot, and you'll have fun doing it.

  • Pros: motivating and flexible


Personal trainer and Massage Therapist????

by bhy6755 at Citysearch

I had the pleasure of recently (last 6 months) signing up and working with Jason. This guy went back to school for massage therapy just to help out his clients. Have you ever been able to go into your training with a sore neck and have a massage therapist work on it for the first 15 minutes of your session at no extra charge? Have you ever been so tired you just needed a massage and were able to immediatly change your personal training session into a massage session? Thanks again Jason, your thirst for knowledge is amazing. Keep it up and maybe when i move back to philly we will meet again.

  • Pros: Massage and Personal training


Personal and understanding personal trainer

by grandmalvsyou at Citysearch

I had the chance to work with Jason a couple of years ago and he is amazing. I have heard only good things about the new place he has moved to and i am thinking of switching gyms to go see him again. Its crazy when you find that person who changes your life both mentally and physically you dont want to leave. I feel like he was part of the family. Actually i had seen him more in 6 months then some of my own family members. Thanks so much for all your help Jason and you will be seeing me shortly.

  • Pros: Jason will try the best way possible to fit you into his schedule, even if its asking others to move times around.


A real motivator...and fun to work with too.

by BobH1 at Citysearch

Jason is the trainer for you if you need motivation, encouragement and knowledge to stay fit and healthy. He's been my trainer fo over three years and he's a real professional.

Great personal trainer

by susane18 at Citysearch

I've worked with Jason for over 2 years now, and I can only say great things about him. He is great at motivating his clients and helping them achieve their goals. He does a great job easing you into a fitness routine. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is interested in seeing results.


Best trainer in Philly

by JoeWaldron at Citysearch

Jason is a great personal trainer. He is always very motivating, interested in understanding your goals and helping you achieve them. Under his direction, I was able in a few short months to both lose pounds and build muscle in all the right places. But more important, the change gave more me more energy, increased stamina, and resulted in far fewer illnesses like colds and such than I had experienced in the past. Jason also made the experience fun. I soon came to appreciate that "feeling a bit sore a day or two after my workout", as evidence that I was always bettering my personal best. Jason rocks!

  • Pros: Great convenient location; Jason is always prompt and on time.


Great results!

by maurashayne at Citysearch

Jason is one of the best personal trainers I've used. His knowledge and drive motivated me to work hard and in return, see amazing results. Within 5 months, I went from 33% body fat to 17%. That was huge for me because I was never athletic or motivated to par take in the many gym memberships I've had over the years. He made sure I was eating enough, but keeping it healthy. The entire process made me change my lifestyle in order to maintain my results. It was fun, educating, and worth every dime.


Happy with Jason.

by als12345 at Citysearch

Jason has been my trainer for over 2 years. He's committed to help me stay focused on my declared goals. He's knowledgeable when its necessary to temporarily change those goals (as when I had a slip-and-fall accident) and design a regimen to meet those changed goals.

I asked him to keep pushing me when the going gets tough. He has done a splendid job of cajoling me into working hard when I don't feel like it. That's just what I asked for.

He's help me build on my limited knowledge of nutrition, which has helped me move forward more rapidly.

To restate: he's flexible, knowledgeable, and he's a good partner in assisting moving to where I want to be.


Should be on your To Meet list

by bkilmartin at Citysearch

Jason is a great trainer. His dedication and personality is exactly what you are probably in search of.


Awesome Trainer

by mmhartford at Citysearch

It was easy for me to get back on my fitness track once I began working with Jason. Having recently moved to Philadelphia from Connecticut where I had been training with someone I thought irreplaceable, I began working with Jason. I felt that no other trainer could be as affective and motivating as my previous trainer and was surprised by my first session with Jason. He "read" my body, my needs and understood my goals immediately. At the end of each session, I find myself looking forward to the next!

Very Motivating

by charliesangel24 at Citysearch

Jason is a great trainer. He has a great personality that really makes you want to excel. I was able to lose 5 lbs in only 1 weeks.

  • Pros: Answered all questions, nice personality


Best Physical Trainer

by medraver at Citysearch

I worked with Jason for several months, and I have to say I was sad to say good-bye to him as a trainer (which I did when we moved). Jason clearly loves what he does, he was very responsive to my input as far as what types of work-outs I enjoy. He pushed me, challenged me, but didin't hurt me! At one time, I myself worked in the fitness industry and now I am in the medical field. At first I was somewhat reluctant to hire a trainer because I had my own ideas about what was healthy. But I have to say that Jason is very knowledgeable and we virtually never did the same thing twice. One of the things I like best about Jason is that he was always seeking to expand his own knowledge base and was always eager to apply his new knowledge to his work-outs with me. He is a great trainer and I was sad to lose him.