Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sessions include

  1. Diet plan,
  2. Cardio and training plan with or without me,
  3. Nutritional information,
  4. Day to day activity and eating counceling,
  5. Before and after stats,
  6. Weekly progression checkin-reaching goals excedra
Fitness Works at 7th and Reed in south philadelphia
(1 week trial pass $25 which goes towared your monthly fee if you join)

In home $100 per session plus travel location
$75/session (1 session at a time)
$600 (10 pack) $60/session
$1000 (20 pack) $50/session
Trial Package at Fitness Works $120 (1 week at 3 sessions)

Must be a member of Fitness Works to train $45/month or $15 for a 1 week trial pass.